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Are you a practitioner, coach, or foodie who helps people nourish their mind, spirit, or body?

Have you taken the DIY route as far as you can (or don’t even want to start down that road) and are ready to work with a creative partner so you can look and feel professional in your business?

 i’m here to help you propel your mission and
spend more time in your zone of genius

Visualize your voice. Amplify your mission.


Publishing a book is both exciting and scary. Fancy Fox made it a lot less scary. Holly took the time to understand my goals and audience when she created the book design. She also let me know the steps and deadlines, what my responsibility was, and what hers was, and she stayed on deadline. Holly even educated me about the publishing process to help my book be a success. I highly recommend her services!

Rachel Regenold

Owner, Regenold Law Office, PLLC | Author, Health and Wellness Biz 101: Your Business Startup Guide


First off I have to say that from my first moments of conversation with Holly I felt an immediate connection. We talked at length about my hopes for my future sharing the healing power of Yoga, and she was tuned in to my heartfelt desire. She explained her process clearly and made it all so easy. Fancy Fox brought my vision to life…on top of that I have a kindred spirit.

Jacqueline Mitchell-Hood

Owner, You're Yoga

Ready to stop sitting on your dreams?


i’m holly

Adventurous spirit,
artisan foodie,
puppy mama,
artist + entrepreneur

I help the healers and empowerers. The do-gooders and the tree-huggers. The dreamers ready to start doing.

I’m here to be your cheerleader, constructive critic, and most importantly, your creative guide + educator. I’m here to take graphic design OFF YOUR PLATE so you can spend your time doing what you were put on this planet to do.

Every moment is an opportunity for a new adventure

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