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Look and feel legit as a business owner + attract your ohmigosh-I-love-serving-you clients

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Has your business been evolving and you’re ready to get
clear + confident in your branding and messaging?

Do you want to grow with the intention of not just
getting more clients but attracting the RIGHT clients?

Are you tired of toiling in “DIY Land” and dream of
looking and feeling professional in your business?


i’m holly

Adventurous spirit,
inner work junkie,
puppy mama of 2,
artist + entrepreneur

I serve the helpers—those who help people (or animals) nourish their mind, body, or spirit. You’re doing important work, and I’m here to help YOU.

I’m passionate about mindset management, emotional intelligence, eating wholesome meals, and living an active + healthy life. That’s why I love supporting wellnesspreneurs through my business. I want to use my gifts and expertise to elevate your business, so you can spend more time helping your people (and less time on the entrepreneurial struggle bus).



First off I have to say that from my first moments of conversation with Holly I felt an immediate connection. We talked at length about my hopes for my future, and she was tuned in to my heartfelt desire. She explained her process clearly and made it all so easy. Fancy Fox brought my vision to life…on top of that I have a kindred spirit.

Jacqueline Mitchell-Hood

Owner, You're Yoga

What is branding?

A business sells a product or service. There are no strong motivators for customers to choose this business over that business, so they end up shopping based on price.

A brand has a mission that goes beyond what it sells and
exhibits beliefs that people will either rally behind or not.

A brand is a company’s unique puzzle that tells the world who it is and what it’s about, with ALL of the pieces working together to attract ideal clients who see transformational value in choosing this specific company.

Here are great places to start your branding journey


Want to get a professional review of how you’re showing up?

In a Brand Audit, I evaluate the look + feel of ALL of your business materials. I’ll give you mad props for things you are doing well, and I’ll give you specific notes on how to transition to a strong brand.

Branding Day

Do you love feeling supported and guided on a new journey?

If you’re tired of trying to figure this whole “branding thing” out on your own—or you’re so intimidated by it, you’re ignoring it completely—you’re going to love this VIP treatment.


Are you craving a logo and visual style that truly represent your company?

Come play in the sandbox as we create your logo together during my signature 1-Day Design process. Then say ‘hello’ to consistency with a Brand Guidelines document, complete with fonts + colors.

A clear + aligned brand isn’t a luxury,
it’s a necessity.

hi friend,

If you're ready to look + feel legit in your brand, let's talk!