Reset Your Relationship to Your Job Book by Taylor Short

Available in Paperback ($16.98) and Kindle eBook ($9.99)

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If you’re feeling stuck in your job, Taylor Short’s guidance toward reigniting your day-to-day flame without overhauling your whole life will help. It’s a simple support system full of helpful tools to help you mend your relationship with your job right now.

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Produce more, push harder, do it faster, better, cheaper. This is the way of Corporate America, and you're in the thick of it. For years, you've worked at this pace and excelled. You climbed the ladder. You put everything into your work.

But now you're exhausted. You're overwhelmed by the monotony and completely unfulfilled. Your boss would never know you're unhappy, though. You put on a smile and the 'badge of honor' of the overworked and push on, day after day.

You likely feel like you only have two options: stay and continue to drown or leave and somehow figure out how to find relief in a job you could truly enjoy.

What if I told you there's another option? A way to reset your relationship with your job so instead of being exhausted and unfilled, you're energized and excited? All without leaving your job.

In this engaging and pragmatic guidebook, 'Job Reset' Coach Taylor Short walks you through simple, actionable exercises to get out of overwhelm, fatigue, and frustration and tap into greater clarity, energy, and happiness at the job you're in right now.


Taylor Short—author, coach, and speaker—helps her clients move from feeling exhausted and overwhelmed to energized and fulfilled, without leaving their job. Having spent 20+ years climbing the corporate ladder herself, Taylor discovered a missing piece in Corporate America. The entire focus was on external success, but most employees were experiencing a significant internal struggle. Through her own work, she learned what it takes to balance these two and eventually left to start her own business to help people reset the way they relate to their jobs. She knows when people are fulfilled internally, they tap into a goldmine of energy, passion, and worth that positively impacts everything they do.